Note: We do not offer our special added programming (steamWORKS, Story Time and More, or Open Art) for summer field trips.  Programming will resume during the next school year.

What are the safety measures at TCMU regarding COVID-19?

  • Face coverings are optional for museum entry.
  • Face coverings are optional for TCMU staff when community levels are low or medium. TCMU staff are required to mask when community levels are high. Per CDC guidelines, it is also strongly recommended that guests wear masks when Covid-19 community levels are high regardless of vaccination status.
  • Anyone with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask regardless of community levels.

Interested in booking a field trip at TCMU-Spartanburg? 

  • Please contact our Spartanburg location at 864-233-7755 for more information. 

What is the payment and cancellation policy? 

  • Payments must be made 14 days prior to visit (credit card or invoice) to receive quoted admission pricing. If not paid 14 days in advance, visit is not guaranteed and is susceptible to cancellation.  
  • No refunds are given for students unable to attend. 
  • If school is cancelled on the day of your visit, you may reschedule your visit within the same school year. 
  • Arriving late to your visit may result in a shortened or cancelled program to be determined by TCMU Staff. Refunds will not be given to groups arriving late. 

Is there a chaperone to student ratio? 

  • One adult for every five students is required. Adults include teachers, teacher’s aides, parents, etc. These adults will be free of charge.
  • All additional adults are free of charge.

What happens if our group does not meet the chaperone to student ratio?

  • If required chaperone ratio is not met, a convenience fee will be incurred on arrival that reflects 25% of your field trip cost.
  • If there are more than 8 children per each adult, admission into the museum will not be permitted for your group. 

What are the adult's responsibilities? 

  • Adults are responsible for the behavior of all students during school visits.  
  • Adults should supervise children at all times and encourage them to interact with the TCMU exhibits respectfully and responsibly. 
  • Adults are encouraged to silence their cellphones or use them only when urgent. 
  • We reserve the right to ask disorderly groups to leave the building without refunds.  
  • No food, drinks, candy, or gum are permitted in the museum besides in our café area.

What are the student's responsibilities?    

  • Students must stay with an adult at all times. 
  • Students should practice respectful and responsible play. 
  • Students should be kind to the museum and others.  
  • Students should have on wristbands provided by TCMU staff at all times in the museum. 
  • No food, drinks, candy, or gum are permitted in the museum besides in our café area.

I have 75+ individuals in my group. Can we all check-in at the same time? 

  • 75 individuals at check-in is TCMU's capacity at this time. 
  • If you have more than 75 individuals in your group, we ask that you split into separate, but consecutive, check-in slots. 
  • Please plan, prior to booking your trip, how you will split up your group and select the number of individuals for your check-in slots accordingly. 

Where should our group park? 

  • Buses can park in bus lane and should pull as far forward as possible to accommodate all buses. 
  • Personal vehicles may park in the Heritage Green Parking deck located behind Heritage Green. It is a city parking deck with a maximum fee of $4.00 per day. 

What happens upon arrival?   

  • Buses will drop off and pick up students in the bus lane in front of TCMU.
  • TCMU staff will greet your group on the bus to speak separately with chaperones and students regarding TCMU rules.   
  • Only the booking teacher will check in the school at Admissions.
  • Arrive on time. Arriving late to your visit may result in a shortened or cancelled program to be determined by TCMU Staff. Refunds will not be given to groups arriving late. 

Can our group eat lunch at the museum?  

  • If your group would like to eat lunch during your field trip, the TCMU Café is available. There are snack and drink vending machines only. Vending machines are credit card only.
  • Students are welcome to bring their own lunches. 
  • TCMU will need to know at the time of booking if your group will be using the TCMU Café for lunch.
  • The museum does not have staff members specifically responsible for handling or facilitating lunches in the Café space. Please be respectful of our space and clean up all trash and wipe down eating areas.   
  • Groups are also welcome to eat on Heritage Green outside of the Museum, weather permitting. You are responsible for the storage of your lunches for outdoor picnic options. Please remember to bring trash bags to clean up your lunches after picnicking on the lawn. 

Does TCMU provide scholarships to field trip students?  

  • Schools listed on the SC Dept of Education Poverty index greater than 50% may be eligible to receive a need-based field trip while funds last.
  • If you think your group may be eligible for a scholarship, please contact LWeathers@tcmupstate.org prior to booking your trip. 
  • Please be prepared to provide the number of students in your group who receive free and/or reduced lunch. 

Do TCMU memberships apply to field trips? 

  • Memberships do not apply for STUDENT admission on field trips. 
  • ADULTS who have a membership at TCMU will be allowed into the museum without paying admission. 

Will my students be photographed

  • TCMU reserves the right to photograph or video visitors. 
  • It is the responsibility of the teacher to notify TCMU staff upon arrival of any student who CANNOT be photographed. 

Did you know? 

  • Field trip chaperones receive 15% off at the TCMU Store. 
  • Chaperones may bring their field trip map back to the TCMU Store within the same school year to receive 15% off their purchase at the TCMU Store.
  • This offer is only valid for in person purchases and does not apply to TCMUstore.org at this time. 
  • Take some of the fun home! Arts & crafts, puzzles, games, apparel, books and more are available at our museum store for children and adults.